Residential gas pressure regulators

HP 100

Pressure regulators series HP100 - HP100/B, are regulators of the self-driven type, spring loaded, with balanced plug, diaphragm command by contrast action with spring, suitable for medium and high pressures. They are used in the distribution of Natural Gas, L.P.G. and non corrosive gas, wdere good performances in terms of regulation and fast response to the flow rate variations are required. They are widely used in the 1st stage reductions for house and industrial applications.


Range of inlet pressure bpu 1÷20 bar
Outlet pressure range of Wd AP: 200÷800 mbar / TR: 800÷4500 mbar
Accuracy class up to 5
Closing pressure class SG up to 10
Threaded connections see catalog
Design pressure 20 bar
Design temperature 2 (-20°C +60°C)